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Ежедневные курсы валют в Республике Казахстан


Joint Projects with Pearson – Vocational Training




Polygon International is an in-country partner of Pearson since 2012. The agreement between the two parties aims at bringing the best of international standards and practices in education to Kazakhstan. Together, we promote the widely-recognized BTEC system of vocational qualifications offered by Pearson, as well as the world-class consulting services offered by the company. The idea of this partnership came in the wake of the vocational education modernization efforts in Kazakhstan – the Government has prioritized development of human resources equipped with advanced up-to-date skills that would enhance competitiveness of the state on the global arena and provide a sustainable boost to the economy. With its vast expertise, Pearson is uniquely positioned to help Kazakhstan achieve this goal like no other international authority in education. Pearson serves individual learners, institutions and governments across continents and offers all-encompassing educational solutions supported by its cutting-edge technologies and decades of experience.

Kazakh-British Technical University (KBTU) in Almaty is the first among Kazakhstan’s universities to provide its students with access to BTEC programs, ensuring the learners’ mobility within the global labor market and worldwide recognition of their skills. Currently, KBTU is accredited to deliver the BTEC Level 6 Subsidiary Diploma in Engineering (Manufacturing Engineering) program, but plans to expand its selection of offerings continuously in collaboration with Pearson. As of now, there are ongoing negotiations concerning launch of BTEC programs within diverse specialization areas with other leading universities of Kazakhstan taking place.

Recently, Pearson has been chosen by NJSC “Kasipkor Holding” as a strategic partner for development of Schools of Engineering and Tourism & Hospitality at the two World-Class Colleges in Astana and Almaty. Pearson is also involved in various projects devising overall institutional strategy and human resources development for "Kasipkor Holding". These agreements with the national operator of Kazakhstan’s network of modernized colleges is a major step forward for Pearson in continuing to build its presence within this promising country. For “Kasipkor Holding”, on the other hand, cooperation with the renowned family of Pearson companies is a guarantee of the best possible quality standards, expert advice and customized solutions in its pursuit of international-level excellence in training of the new generation of Kazakhstan’s specialists.

For more information on Pearson, please visit (for international qualifications) and For inquiries regarding partnership opportunities, please contact:

Ms. Raushan Akhmetova
Project Coordinator
mob: +7 701 930 3886
landline: +7 727 250 69 03/08